• Crimestopper Case #D49-11-113426

    Case #D49-11-113426

    Grand Larceny/Credit Card Fraud

    Jim's Steakout (Elmwood Avenue)


    The victim is this case had his credit card taken by a suspect at the Kinko's Fed Ex (650 Orchard Park Rd) West Seneca.



  • Crimestopper Case #D49-12-214399

    Crimestopper Case #D49-12-214399

     The resident reported finding a bicycle in their yard which

    did not belong to them in the Indian Church Rd./ City Line are of the Town of West Seneca in mid August 2012. Upon

    review of home security system it was discovered that a W/M possibly teen had dumped a bicycle and stolen a bicycle belonging to another resident of the area .

    If you can identify or believe you may know the subject in the video Contact the West Seneca Police Detective Bureua @ 716-674-3154

  • Crimestopper Case #D49-11-109664

    Crimestopper Case #D49-11-109664

    Date:06/04/2011 @ 15:16 Hr's
    Location: 370 Orchard Park Rd. (Wegman's)
    Crime: Petit Larceny
    W/m Suspect entered store & loaded shopping cart with numerous cases of "Red Bull" Energy Drink.
    Left store without paying for Product.

    If you can Identify this suspect please Contact: WSPD CrimeStoppers

Report #D49-11-117792  Date 10/05/11 @ approximately 4:30 pm;
at a West Seneca grocery store, two white males - one heavy set, beard, baseball cap, tan shorts and button down shirt  and the second - baseball cap, jeans and plaid button down shirt.  They appear to between the ages of early 30's to 40 YOA.  The stole over $400 in merchandise.

Crimestopper Case #D49-11-116870

Crimestoppers West Seneca Police Case#D49-11-116870 larceny hardware store.

2-W/M' entered store multiple expensive tool kits. Larger suspect W/M approx.6'2" has tattoo Rt.Arm. Suspects Left scene in possibly gold/tan toyota camry.09/21/2011

WSPD Anonymous TipLine 716-675-8423 


Educational Programs


In addition to our DARE Program our department offers to the schools in our town an array of programs that a tailored to the needs of the students in that grade.  The majority of these programs are taught by Police Officer Michael Rybak.  PO Rybak goes into all the elementary and middle schools in our school district and does a number of programs.  A brief outline of the programs is listed below.

Kindergarten:  "Officer Friendly"  In this program Officer Rybak speaks with the kids to start to develop a trust between the students and police officers.  Officer Rybak talks with the kids about the fact that the  police are there to help you and not hurt you.  Hopefully this helps to develop a feeling of trust on the part of the students toward the police.

Grade Two:  "Child Awareness"  In this program Officer Rybak talks with the students about such topics as stranger danger and the concept of good touch and bad touch.  The idea behind the program is to help children learn at a young age that not all people are their friends and that certain types of physically touching of their bodies by other people is not right.  Officer Rybak tells the kids how to report things that they feel are wrong or that they are not comfortable about.

Grade Four:  "Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse"  In this program Officer Rybak talks in more detail about the issue of improper touching of their body by other people regardless of who that person may be.  Officer Rybak talks with the kids about people they can talk with to about things they are not comfortable with.

Grade Six:  "Shoplifting"  This program is geared to tell the students the importance of honesty and that they should not take things that do not belong to them.  Some of the more common ways that kids get dragged into committing the crime of shoplifting are explained to the students in hopes that they will respect the fact that they do not own the items and that if they want a certain item they need to pay for it.

Grade Eight:  "Vandalism"  Officer Rybak talks with the students about respecting the property of other people and that it is not okay to damage the property of another person.  Examples of things that violate the law of Criminal Mischief are explained to kids along with the consequences when they get caught.

The above programs are reviewed on a regular basis by our department and the Director of Health and Physical Education for the West Seneca Schools.  Changes are made as needed and also the programs are kept up to date by the implementation of newer media sources that are more in tune with the students of today.  For more information on these programs please contact our Family Offense Bureau at 716-674-2284 or by email at Detective Lt. William Leitzel