• Crimestopper Case #D49-11-113426

    Case #D49-11-113426

    Grand Larceny/Credit Card Fraud

    Jim's Steakout (Elmwood Avenue)


    The victim is this case had his credit card taken by a suspect at the Kinko's Fed Ex (650 Orchard Park Rd) West Seneca.



  • Crimestopper Case #D49-12-214399

    Crimestopper Case #D49-12-214399

     The resident reported finding a bicycle in their yard which

    did not belong to them in the Indian Church Rd./ City Line are of the Town of West Seneca in mid August 2012. Upon

    review of home security system it was discovered that a W/M possibly teen had dumped a bicycle and stolen a bicycle belonging to another resident of the area .

    If you can identify or believe you may know the subject in the video Contact the West Seneca Police Detective Bureua @ 716-674-3154

  • Crimestopper Case #D49-11-109664

    Crimestopper Case #D49-11-109664

    Date:06/04/2011 @ 15:16 Hr's
    Location: 370 Orchard Park Rd. (Wegman's)
    Crime: Petit Larceny
    W/m Suspect entered store & loaded shopping cart with numerous cases of "Red Bull" Energy Drink.
    Left store without paying for Product.

    If you can Identify this suspect please Contact: WSPD CrimeStoppers

Report #D49-11-117792  Date 10/05/11 @ approximately 4:30 pm;
at a West Seneca grocery store, two white males - one heavy set, beard, baseball cap, tan shorts and button down shirt  and the second - baseball cap, jeans and plaid button down shirt.  They appear to between the ages of early 30's to 40 YOA.  The stole over $400 in merchandise.

Crimestopper Case #D49-11-116870

Crimestoppers West Seneca Police Case#D49-11-116870 larceny hardware store.

2-W/M' entered store multiple expensive tool kits. Larger suspect W/M approx.6'2" has tattoo Rt.Arm. Suspects Left scene in possibly gold/tan toyota camry.09/21/2011

WSPD Anonymous TipLine 716-675-8423 


Family Court


In Erie County most times a person under the age of 16 years old commits a crime, he or she can only be prosecuted as juvenile.  This means that their case is not sent to a regular adult court such as the Town of West Seneca Justice Court but instead goes to Erie County Family Court.

Erie County Family Court is part of the New York State Family Court System.  According to the New York State Criminal Procedure Law all Family Courts are Superior Courts.  This makes their rulings binding throughout the State of New York.  This feature also means that no matter where in New York State a juvenile commits a crime he or she will be handled the same way.  The process is different  from how a case is handled when a person is charged for a crime as an adult.

A juvenile that is being sent to Erie County Family Court has all the facts in his case presented to the Erie County Probation Department.  At the Probation Department a New York State Probation Officer will review the case with the victim and the suspect and then decide if the case is serious enough to be sent to the Erie County Attorney's Office.  This is much like the plea bargaining sessions that are handled in adult courts.  All felony level and most misdemeanor cases at the juvenile level are sent to the County Attorney for petition to Erie County Family Court.

At the County Attorney's Office the case is reviewed by a Prosecuting Attorney and if the facts are all in place a petition is filed with Erie County Family Court.  The juvenile suspect is then appointed a Law Guardian who makes sure that his or her rights are not violated in this process.  Once the case goes before an Erie County Family Court Judge, a hearing is held and possibly a trial is run.  If the juvenile is found guilty he or she is adjudicated as a Juvenile Delinquent. At this point the juvenile suspect is sentenced by the Erie County Family Court Judge and he or she must follow the guidelines of the sentence.  Once the sentence has been completed, the juvenile is done with the court and his or her case is sealed.  These sealed records are not public documents and not even the suspects themselves can acquire a copy of the record.

Many times people have trouble with their children that need to be addressed but the family is at a loss as to where to turn.  One avenue that they can use is the PINS Diversion Program through Erie County Family Court.  For more information on this program utilize the links below.Erie County Family Court PINS Diversion