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Family Offense Unit

Domestic Violence

Unit Contact: 716-674-2284

The issue of domestic violence is one that has moved to the forefront of police work over the last 15 years. Today violence within families is dealt with very severely by police agencies in New York State. New York State law requires all police departments to have a pro-arrest policy with regards to physical violence within family units and relationships. With the great increase in investigative work that this policy has created, our department has assigned one detective to oversee these cases on a daily basis.

Detective Duane Wisniewski is assigned to review all cases of domestic violence that our department becomes involved in. Detective Kocieniewski works with the victims to help them steer their cases through the court process. He works closely with specially-trained  Erie County Assistant District Attorneys to make sure that justice is served in these cases.

Our department is proud to say that we were one of the first police departments to have a pro-arrest policy in regards to family offenses and our policy is closely-monitored to stay in compliance with the law as it evolves in this area.

New York State provides more detailed information on the problem of domestic violence. They also have a wide variety of information on how to spot domestic violence and what you can do to help yourself or someone else that is a victim of this type of criminal behavior.

Learn more at the NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence.

PINS Diversion

Erie County Probation Department: 716-858-8349
West Seneca PD Family Offense Department: 716-674-2284

Many times families find that their children are not following the rules of the home and are becoming neglectful in their school work and social life. Despite their best efforts to try and resolve these issues the problems persist or get worse. In New York State, one avenue that parents and guardians can use is the PINS Diversion Program.

PINS (Persons in Need of Supervision) Diversion is run under the direction of the Erie County Probation Department. Parents that need to utilize this service can contact them at 858-8349 to make an appointment for an interview with both the juvenile and at least one parent. Once the interview has been held, a set of guidelines are established for the juvenile to follow. If the juvenile disregards the guidelines that have been set up, the case is referred to an Erie County Family Court Judge for intervention. This can lead to the placement of the juvenile in an alternate living arrangement that can more closely deal with the issues being presented.

The general guidelines for using this program vary but the age of intervention has been found to be crucial. Many parents try to handle serious breaches of conduct by their children without any outside help. Young teens may start to use drugs and alcohol, physically abuse their siblings, or verbally and physically harass their parents or other elders in position of authority. Parents believe that their teens will outgrow this stage, but the truth is it will only get worse. As parents see this they decide to try and intervene as the teen gets older. The best time to utilize this program is when they first start to disobey your house rules. Generally this is around twelve years old. Realizing the potential trouble ahead and getting early intervention can help a troubled teen develop in a way that is more acceptable in our present society. PINS Diversion is a tool you may want to use.

If you wish more information on the possibility of utilizing this service contact our office at 716-674-2284 and speak with one of our Family Offense Officers. Your local school district can also help you in deciding whether this program is one that you should consider.

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Copyright © 2022 West Seneca Police Department. All rights reserved.