West Seneca Police Department

Specialized Units

Traffic Enforcement Unit

Patrol Captain’s Office
Captain Brian Cosgrove

Patrol Lieutenant’s Office
Lieutenant David Szmania

Patrol Officers
Officer Travis Deubell

Officer Sean Donohue

Officer James Gehen

Officer Ryan Miller

The traffic enforcement unit (TEU) of the West Seneca Police Department is regulated by the patrol captain and consists of one patrol lieutenant and five police officers. The TEU is assigned on a regular basis to specific traffic problems areas in our town. Using statistical data they implement concentrated, high-visibility traffic details to ensure public compliance to the VTL of the State of New York. This squad uses the latest technology to ensure traffic safety and the officers work closely with other agencies in safety road checks, DWI sobriety check points and many other traffic-related functions.

Bike Patrol

The West Seneca Police Department’s bike patrol is a community policing program designed to promote police interaction with the community. An advantage of this type of patrol is that it permits patrol officers access to areas not available to patrol vehicles.

This concept was further expanded to include a Stop, Walk & Talk Program, putting officers on foot patrol in designated areas of the town. Town parks, recreation areas, school grounds and community events are some of the locations that are patrolled by bicycle.

The bike patrol is a great benefit to both the community and the police department. It allows the police officer to interact directly with the public and also expands the patrol capabilities of the police department. Members of this unit also conduct presentations and exhibitions for many community and civic groups throughout the town.

Accident Investigation Unit

The accident investigation unit (AIU) is made up of a group of officers trained in accident investigation, accident reconstruction, and CDR imaging. The training is intensive, and has resulted in achieving one of the most highly-regarded accident investigation units in our area. We have members that teach different aspects of accident investigation across WNY, statewide, and nationally.

The AIU responds to and investigates hit and run, serious injury and all fatal motor vehicle accidents. Major crime scenes are also documented by measuring and preparing scale diagrams. We also assist other agencies with their accident investigation when requested. This has resulted in many successful prosecutions for hit and run, serious injury, fatal accidents in West Seneca and throughout Erie County.

Our ongoing training keeps us up-to-date with the latest techniques and advancements in the field.

Honor Guard

The honor guard is a ceremonial detail that was formed by Assistant Chief Boehringer, Detective Lt. Baranowski, and retired Detective Lou Giordano in 1997. The Officers involved represent the West Seneca Police Department at law enforcement funerals, parades and other special occasions. The members of this unit volunteer for the detail and train regularly. They are proud to serve the community and to represent the police department when the need exists.

Pictured (L to R): Officer David Quick, Officer Chris Vogel, Officer David Steinwandel, Lt. David Wright, Lt. Brian Cosgrove, Lt. David Szmania, Officer Jeffrey Coia

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Copyright © 2022 West Seneca Police Department. All rights reserved.